AVK Southern Africa Series 869 Control Valve addresses nonrevenue water losses

As Africa faces increasing water demand, the continent also grapples with substantial losses of treated water due to aging infrastructure. Gauteng-based valve manufacturer AVK Southern Africa stresses that the current levels of nonrevenue water are unsustainable. Since launching their innovative “Day/Night” 869 control valve in July last year, the company has observed significant uptake of the device, designed to minimize water loss and enhance revenue protection.

Craig Barbeito, a valve specialist at AVK Southern Africa, remarked, “Water is essential to life, and without effective control like that provided by the 869 valve, we anticipate even greater long-term losses.” To date, more than 70 of these valves have been deployed across Africa, including a recent installation for a water board in Malawi.

Barbeito also hinted at the potential expansion into more local markets, including water boards and municipalities. He credited the 869 control valve with contributing to the company’s recognition at the 2023 South African Capital Equipment Export Council (SACEEC) Exporter of the Year Award, where AVK won in the medium-sized company category.

Julius Frauendorf, the group technical manager at AVK Southern Africa, shared, “This award underlines our clients’ appreciation for our commitment and dedication amid a challenging export environment. We are proud to share this achievement with them and remain motivated to further push the limits of our industry.”

Despite significant challenges, including unprecedented levels of load shedding, AVK continues its commitment to delivering high-quality training and reliable products to its customers in Africa, the UK, the Middle East, and Australia.

The Series 869 control valve from AVK offers a unique feature of adjustable pressures for peak and off-peak hours, managed by a timer setting the pressure adjustments three times a day, every day. Introduced as part of AVK’s Network Safety Solutions, these valves play a vital role in maintaining efficient and safe water network operations worldwide.

“The 869 valve is pivotal in managing the pressures within the water networks, significantly reducing the risk of pipe bursts, and conserving water,” explains Barbeito. The valve features a replaceable spring in the pilot for precision operation at various pressures, simplifying the pressure setting process.

AVK’s 869 control valve is available in 11 variants, each designed to perform specific control functions within water networks, essential for managing water levels, pressures, and flow rates efficiently. The valve includes 58% locally sourced components, assembled and tested by AVK Southern Africa, with the main valve body produced in AVK’s Anhui factory and control components from their ACMO factory in Italy.

Barbeito adds, “We are dedicated to supporting local manufacturing and aim to have the main valve body of the Series 869 cast in South Africa moving forward.” Constructed from materials approved by the UK Water Regulations Approval Scheme, the 869 valve is also suitable for use with drinking water, ensuring safety and compliance.

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