Rain Bird expands GSV valve series line

Rain Bird has added a new IC model to its Golf Solenoid Valve Series product line. This new model provides the many benefits of GSV Series Valves to courses currently using the Rain Bird IC System, which connects irrigation central control directly to every rotor and valve for optimal water and energy efficiency.

“In today’s highly competitive environment, golf courses can’t afford the expense, labor and downtime that valve failures can cause,” said Altan Tolan, product manager for Rain Bird Golf. “By adding this new IC model to our GSV Series, we’re able to give courses that have upgraded to our IC System optimum valve reliability, performance and peace of mind.”

Originally introduced in December 2021, GSV Series Valves are a solution for golf courses in lightning-prone regions, those that use reclaimed water and those that need pressure regulation. In addition to the new IC model, the GSV Series includes three plastic models and one red brass model, each with NPT or BSP thread options. All GSV Series Valves feature a pre-installed PRS-DIAL that regulates and maintains constant outlet pressure between 15 and 100 psi while reducing the effects of water hammer. A waterproof dial cartridge eliminates fogging and binding.

A chlorine-resistant diaphragm protects GSV Series Valves against harsh chemicals and reclaimed water. On plastic models, a scrubber mechanism with a stainless-steel screen dislodges grit and plant material, protecting the valve from debris. Built-in filtration on the GBS25 solenoid offers a second level of debris protection. Plastic and brass models come with an extra purple flow-control handle cover for use with non-potable water.

“Over the past year, we’ve gotten great feedback from golf courses now using GSV Valves,” Tolan said. “Expanding this line to include an IC model is another example of how Rain Bird Golf is bringing innovative, water-saving products to even more golf courses worldwide.”

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